Retail fashion is experiencing
a digital

“Our retail partners are our most important sales and distribution channel and we're here to help!” - Lauren G

We’ve reimagined our future together

An E-commerce Partnership


We Believe

In the role our retail partners play in curating our collections and styling the client.

We Embrace

Feedback and advice from our partners who guide us into design each season.

We value

and support our partnership for mutual success in the changing world of fashion.

to our Planet
partner Store

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Retail change is accelerating at a faster pace than expected.

It's exciting to go online each day and watch our retail partners creatively using technology to connect and present PLANET to, well . . . the Planet.

From building websites to creating personalized style boxes, Zoom styling sessions, Facebook videos, and posting on Instagram - It's amazing!

PLANET is here to help and is taking a cooperative approach to this digital transformation with the introduction of our Partner Program.  No web site is needed and no minimum sales are required.

We look forward to supporting our partners, embracing change and succeeding together!

Planet By Lauren G Home Page


Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing is here with easy step-by-step instructions.

Download your FREE copy!

Affiliate Marketing for Retail Fashion

What it means
to you

  • When a customer purchases at our online store through your Partner Link you will receive a 25% commission on all purchases*.
  • After the first purchase, the customer is connected ("tagged") to your account for any future purchases.  Future purchases, even without the link, will automatically be credited to your account**.
  • Before the 30th of each month, payment from prior month sales are directly deposited into your bank. 
  • You now maintain an extensive PLANET product offering with a no-cost virtual inventory!
  • In-store out-of-stock items/sizes are now more readily available for online in-store customer ordering with direct home delivery.
  • PLANET's online marketing team is hard at work introducing styles and increasing your sales – FREE!

*Returns and cancellations are not eligible for commission.  Sale item commissions are reduced to 5%.
**Affiliate tag extends for 90 days (Cookie Period) each time the customer selects your Affiliate Link.

How iT Works
It's Easy!

step one


Click the below link and enter your name, email, create a password, include your boutique name and select Apply! 

When you select Apply, a request will automatically be sent to PLANET.

Sign Up Today!Planet By Lauren G Retail Partner Program

step two:  

Application Approval

Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive an e-mail from PLANET that gives you access to your Partner Dashboard and your unique Referral Link (more about your Referral Link below).

Planet By Lauren G Retail Partner Program

step three

Log Into Your Partner Dashboard

The Partner Dashboard will always be available to provide you with access to your unique Referral Link and  information about your current sales/commissions.

Planet By Lauren G Retail Partner Program

step four

Commission Payments Made Easy!

Enter information in your Partner Dashboard to have sales commissions sent directly to your bank account each month.

From your partner dashboard click on Settings.  Then select Payment Settings (see below).

To recieve your monthly sales commissions via a PayPal account, enter your Paypal email here. In the coming weeks, there will be a Venmo and ACH option so we can send commissions directly to your bank account!

Planet By Lauren G Retail Partner Program

NOTE: When payments are being issued, we will send you an email letting you know that they are on the way. 

step FIVE

How do I connect customers and generate sales that are eligible for commission?

It's Simple!  Just include your unique store Referral Link in an email or text, on social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), or anywhere else you’d like.

Anyone who starts with the Referral Link and makes a purchase will be "tagged" and generate commissions to your account on future online PLANET store purchases.

IMPORTANT to repeat:
Because the customer is "tagged" to your account on their first purchase, all future online store purchases with or without the use of the your Referral Code will automatically and tranparently be credited to your store account.

Thanks it!

Sign Up Today!

We will soon be providing images, email templates and advertising assets for your use on Facebook and Instagram so that you can quickly and professionally promote PLANET and increase sales. Stay tuned!

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.  If there are ever concerns about payments or commissions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to building our sales, helping customers look and feel great, and a continued and strong partnership!

 Lauren G

Planet By Lauren G