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PLANET by Lauren G effortlessly combines timeless elegance with modern comfort. Our collection of clothing styles and carefully selected fabrics, PLANET offers a truly versatile wardrobe that is age-less, size-less, and season-less.

One of the defining characteristics of PLANET is our commitment to effortless chic. We understand that true style should never come at the expense of comfort. That's why our clothing is designed for both elevated style and comfort, allowing you to look and feel your best in any situation.

To achieve the perfect balance of style and comfort, we utilize a variety of high-quality fabrics. From the softness of Pima Cotton to the versatility of Nylon and the elegance of Organza, each fabric is carefully chosen to enhance the overall look and feel of the garments. Matte Jersey and French Terry provide a comfortable and flattering drape, while Vegan Leather adds an edgy style to any outfit. Whether you prefer the stretch of Lycra or the breathability of Cotton, PLANET offers a diverse range of fabrics to suit your preferences.

We embrace a size-less philosophy, offering clothing that can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. This inclusive approach ensures that every woman can experience the effortless chic and timeless style that PLANET embodies.

With PLANET by Lauren G, you can say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of seasonal trends. Our collection is designed to be season-less, allowing you to create a wardrobe that transcends the limitations of time. The versatility of our styles enable easy transitions from day to night, making it effortless to go from the office to a dinner date or a weekend getaway.

Whether you're looking for an everyday outfit or an elegant ensemble, PLANET offers a size-less and season-less wardrobe that allows you to embrace your individuality and express your personal style. Step into the world of PLANET by Lauren G and discover a new level of effortless chic that will elevate your wardrobe to new heights.


  • GAE G.

    Everything is FAB!
    I swore I would NEVER shop on line again until I found Planet by Lauren G. Everything is FAB. I have bought a couple of things and absolutely love them and get tremendous compliments all the time. THANKS!!!!!!

  • C. Casey

    I came across PLANET whilst living in Germany many years ago – and have been purchasing from their line ever since – luxurious, sleek and such classic style, every piece is well made and stylish – can be paired with leggings, jeans, or skirts, layered – so many options. This piece gets admired every time I wear it, lovely fit and feels so soft – BONUS: They all wash up wonderfully – long live PLANET :)

  • J, Banerdt

    I adore Planet and have many pieces in my closet. They are always admired and I have sent u customers because of my raves over Planet.

  • J. Thomas

    I do not think I have ever bought so many things in such a short period of time from one place. I have become a Planet Addict for so many reasons, The comfort and feel of the fabric, the ability to still buy clothing that is interchangeable, stylish yet basic yet trendy! Being able to wear styles in spite of recent weight gains due to medications and still be able to wear them when the weight comes off, total comfort and still feel chic and in style and being almost 65 and still feeling like I can dress in clothing that allows me to feel young. The other part is the outstanding customer service I have received with all my purchases, the company’s willingness to immediately amend, correct, refund, inform and assist me with any questions, issues or mistakes I may have made in ordering. It is refreshing to experience such wonderful customer service along with such wonderful clothing in todays day and age. My go to person sales person Lisa has been my super star and want to give her the acknowledgement she deserves! So I am a Planet addict and I want to thank everyone at Planet especially Lisa A. , my Planet’s “ Shining star” !! Thank you for helping me to dress stylishly young and age appropriately comfortable. I look forward to a long relationship with Planet. I seldom review, and almost never write, so this is huge for me to have given a review that is sincere, truthful and most of all, grateful. Thank you again! Janine

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